Women Day SMS

Women Day is celebrated to give tribute to Women of World, SMSPUNCH has also a large collection of SMS messages that relating to Women Day, Women Day SMS, importance of Women in life, Role of Women behind Success etc.

Aurat aek pur israr makhloq hai

'Aurat aek pur israr makhloq hai
Kabhi Aurat ki shakhsiyat mein mat khona

A woman will always

A woman will always forgive & forget;
But she’ll never let you forget t....'

God made man and then rested

'God made man and then rested

God made women and then no one rested....'


'3 fastest ways of comunication...

3. Telephone 1

2. Television


Woman can break any kind of relationship


Do you know the relation between two eyes.???


They never see ea....'

Only 2 Types of Communications

'Only 2 types of communications are fastest in the world
1. email &
2. Female....'

Woman's Point of View

'From a woman's point of view

-The most perfect man in da world is her father....'

Hum Chhod Chale Mehfil Ko

'Hum Chhod Chale Mehfil Ko
Ham Chhod Chale Hain Mahafil Ko Yaad Aaye Kabhi To ....'

Women Shoe Shop

'A best and serious statement written outside a Women Shoe Shop...

50% di....'

Kisi Ne Doctor Se Pocha

'Kisi ne Doctor se pocha k aap mareez ki mout ka kaisay pata lagatay hain?