Valentines Day SMS

On this Valentine's day 2015 event, we are again providing Valentine's day SMS collection. At this lovely event every young girl, boy, husband, wife and old people want to express their love expressions on 14 February to people whom they love a lot.

Happy Valentines Day

Our Valentine's day text messages are according to the needs of 2015 and we are constantly updating it on a daily basis. The good thing about them is that, these Valentine's day SMS can be found in English, Hindi and Urdu languages as well.

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Love Me Tender

'In Elvis’ “Love Me Tender,” what comes after “I''ll be yours through all the ye....'

50 Shades of Grey

'“50 Shades of Grey” hits theaters this week, starring Jamie Dornan as Christian....'

Which rom-com contains the line

'Which rom-com contains the line “I would be proud to partake of your pecan pie”....'

Which phrase will NOT appea

'Which phrase will NOT appear on those chalky NECCO candy hearts this year?

Which gender purchases

'Which gender purchases 85% of an estimated 1 billion valentines each year, acco....'

Valentine Day Quiz

'What percentage of U.S. singles met their most recent date online, according to....'

Valentine Day Quiz

'Of these romantic icons, which is based on a real, historical person?
1: Cupid....'

Pope Gelasius declared

'Pope Gelasius declared Feb. 14 St. Valentine’s Day at the end of the 5th centur....'

For My Valentine

'For My Valentine
In a Park a Small yet Cute Boy and Girl both were crying
A m....'

If You Love someone

'If You Love someone
You have to test the elasticity of your relationship
So s....'