Teacher SMS

Teacher is a spiritual father who taught both professional and ethical education to us, Teacher SMS category actually tributes to Teachers, while it also includes Teacher-Student SMS, Exam SMS, and other educational related SMS. The category also stairs at funny SMS, that depicts the Teacher-Student and Exam SMS in a fun way.

Teacher to Pathan Student

'Teacher to Pathan Student:
What do you mean by 3G
Pathan: GGG mean Go Gangy G....'

Tell me your name

'Teacher: Tell me your name in English?
Student: after 2 min “Long Life Oven”

UK Teacher to Sardar Student

'UK Teacher to Sardar Student
You have to write an essay on Dog
Next Day:

Teacher to village student

'Teacher to village student
Why you come too late today
Student: Mam! I have ....'

Teacher to a student in a seminar

'Teacher to a student in a seminar
What do you think about Love? Will you do lo....'

The children of a landlord

'The children of a landlord were not willing to get teachin of either school mas....'

Height of good luck

'Height of good luck
Teacher: Hey! Stand up,
Tell me two pronouns
. ....'

Meera to Teacher in class Room

'Meera to Teacher in class Room:
Sir What do you mean by “I Love You”

A charming personality

'A charming personality, having attitude
Is an Army officer...!
Lots of att....'

How do University Teachers

'How do University Teachers Complete Syllabus ?
This is just introduct....'