Student SMS

Student SMS stairs at the problems of Student life, and portraits it the problems in a fun way, Student SMS Category include Exam SMS, Student SMS, Teacher Student Relationship, Result SMS and others. Student SMS Category includes student of every field including Engineer, IT, Arts, Doctors, and several others.

Jo rahi sara semester

'Jo rahi sara semester hum se door door
Exam day per dikhi wo buhat majboor

What sort of Mills

'Teacher: What sort of Mills people of Pakistan Known?....
Punjabi Student:

An engineering student

'An engineering student to his sweeper brother:
I have got degree, I have got k....'

That awesome moment

'That awesome moment



when teacher get off the Track and tell U stor....'

Write the passive voice of

'Teacher: Write the passive voice of (I made a mistake)

Student: I was made b....'

Kisne Chaand par pehla kadam

'Teacher: Kisne Chaand par pehla kadam rakha tha ??

Last Bench Student: Neil ....'

The most funniest situation

'The most funniest situation in student life:

When we have no idea what to wr....'

Change this sentence into Future

'Teacher: Change this sentence into Future Tense,
I killed a person


Announcement in a SCHOOL

'Announcement in a SCHOOL:

Students who have Parked their cycles in front of ....'

Aik student ko apni life mein

'Aik student ko apni life mein,

khud par sab se ziada fakhar kab mehsoos hota....'