Special Day SMS

Special Day SMS Category include messages of specific events like Iqbal Day, Quaid Day, Women Day, Birth Day or any other Day that is Special Day for You. The main aim of this category is to mark the day as Special Day that has some value for you.


You are virtuoso

'You are virtuoso,

Ur psyche is a gem,

It is isolated into left & right.....'

Little trials without

'Little trials without God will break u.
Big trials with God will make u great.....'

ansso muskurahat se zyada special hoty hain

'ansso muskhrat say zayada spcial hoty hain
pata hay q?
q k muskhrhat to sub k....'

Yoon di hamein Aazaadi k duniya hui heran

'Yoon di hamen Azaadi k dunya howi hairaan ..!!

A Quaid e Azam tera ehsan ....'

What Makes you Different

'What Makes you Different,

Makes you Special.

Don't ever change to fit som....'

Allah pak mai tul mubarak key

(* MUBARAK....'

Jo qaum 2mint signal par

'"Jo qaum 2mint signal par khari nai ho skti to wo apne pairo par kya khari hogi....'

Smiling is infectious

'Smiling is infectious,
you catch it like the flu.
when someone smiled at me t....'

Hain Parinday soo basoo

'Hain Parinday soo basoo, le k har ik gul ki boo, kar rahe thay guftagoo, "BAALA....'