Sorry SMS

Sorry SM Category includes Excuse SMS seeking apologize from any person or group of person. National Sorry Day is an annual event that held on 26th May to remember and commemorate the mistreatment of the Australian’s indigenous population. Sorry SMS Messages at SMPUNCH include Sorry SMS, Forgiveness SMS, Excuse SMS, and any related attitude to confess your fault.

What is forgiveness

'When asked:
?what is forgiveness??
A little girl gave this lovely reply:

Arrogance keeps us

'“Arrogance keeps us sometimes from saying I am sorry. But when you pray, you ca....'

I Will Never Try To Hurt

'I Will Never Try To Hurt Anyone....!!!!
Mistakes Are Part Of Life....!!!....'

Agr ksi ka1 anso tmhari waja

'Best saying
"Agr ksi ka1 anso tmhari wja s gir gya to tm roz-e-mehshr tk us ke....'

One day I'll go fare away

'One day I'll go fare away in the depths of grave,
My Real Home ,
Nobody can m....'

Ghar Ki Dehleez

'Mujh ko bhi samait ley gi ek roz us andhere ghar ki dehleez.

Tum se guzari....'

Never Hurt

'I'll try to never hurt anyone but mistakes are part of life..


The Req....'

Itnaaa Sannata Q Hy

'Aryyyy itnaaa sannata q hy bhae???????

Aaj kisi ne m....'

Jane Zindagi Main

'Jane zindagi main koi sahi kaam bhi kia hoga
lagta nahi hai mujhko apne ap ko ....'

As I feel thE tear g0 d0wn my cheek

'As I fe3l thE te@r g0 d0wn my cheeek …..
I n0tice that my he@rt !s weak…..