Silent Circle Unveiled the Blackphone 2

by Admin (1325 views)Silent Circle Unveiled the Blackphone 2

In the Mobile World Congress 2015, Silent Circle Company has introduced latest version of Blackphone 2 with amazing features. Silent Circle has also showed the Temper resistant tablet Blackphone plus, the more secure and user friendly tablet. Both introduced devices are fully protected from hacking and prevent the entry of malicious data.

The cell uses the PrivatOS on Android system with the assistance of package Silent Suit apps. Both the apps and OS are essential to guarantee its security and in case of embedding another operating system, the manufacturer don’t take the responsibility to save it from hackers.

On the other hand, 5.5 inches high definition screen with additional Gorrila Glass appeals customers to purchase it. Moreover, three gigabyte RAM, 13 MP camera and slim design make it user friendly. Battery time has increased and Android-updated firmware PrivatOS to version 1.1. The smartphone is available in the market; however, the fellow tablet would be available from June 2015.


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