Sardar SMS

Sardar SMS or Sardar Jokes includes ethnic Jokes relating to Punjabi People, Sardar SMS include Sardar SMS, Punjabi SMS, Pathan VS Sardar SMS, Funny SMS, Jokes, while the aim of these Jokes are just fun and amusement, not to hurt anyone.

Kabhi Kabhi mere dill mein

'Sardar purani Film dakh Raha tha
Film mein song chal para
Kabhi Kabhi mere di....'

Computer di Band Waj Gai Ae

'Sardarni ne Sardar ko December ki thandi Sham mein SMS kiya
Sardar G: Windows ....'

Sardar get involved in love and wrote

'Sardar get involved in love and wrote a love letter to her suppose
Sat sri aka....'

Sardar in UK to English Doctor

'Sardar in UK to English Doctor: Doctor what if I face Piles attack on bite of M....'

Oh Foolish Man Every Year

'Sardar went to give interview in New York Times
Interviewer: what is your birt....'

Sardar opens a new

'Sardar opens a new College.
But Students are confused to take Admission.
Coz ....'

An African visit India

'An African visit India and sit in a bus along with his kid of 3 years

Pathan and Sardar became

'Pathan and Sardar became friend in Dubai
Sardar was afraid of travelling in tr....'

Hot Coffee $5 and Cold Coffee $10

'Two Sardar travel to America first time
They approach cafe bar and ordered Two....'

Sardar returned from America

'Sardar returned from America with American Wife

Father said: what you study ....'