Sad Sms

Humans have feelings, they can be happy on a time, while they can be sad due to some reasons. Sadness comes due t emotional pain, loss, grief or sorrow to anyone. Sad SMS Category of SMSPUNCH includes related SMS messages that reflect their grief, attitude and emotions. Sad SMS are the best way to realize others how you are feeling. SMSPUNCH offers Unique and Heart Touching Sad SMS, Sad SMS Poetry and Sad SMS Poems.

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The time has gone

'The time has gone when I demanded you in my prayers
You gave me a lot of pain ....'

The one is perfect he

'The one is perfect he who brings smile on a face
And the one who cause discrep....'

Wo Zehar Deta tu

'Wo Zehar Deta tu Duniya use Ilzam Deti
Kamal Ka Zaraf tha us mein, us ne Piyar....'

I wish you return before

'I wish you return before evening
I wish you will return before accepting any o....'

A Sardar was feeling sad

'A Sardar was feeling sad for so long time
His Pathan friend ask the reason

Bhula Na Sake Hum Mehboob

'Bhula Na Sake Hum Mehboob Ke Sath Bete Pal
Bhula Na Sake Hum Lamhe Firaq Ke

Sun zara mery Dil Ki Dharkne

'Sun zara mery Dil Ki Dharkne
Ya Hal Pal tera hi wird karti hain
Ek tu hai jo ....'

its sad to have one sided love

'its sad to have one sided love
but it is worst, when you became a part of some....'

After she left me alone

'After she left me alone:
My heart is like locked by the dust of rust
My heart....'

She is in my heart In my soul In my breath

'She is in my heart
In my soul
In my breath
In my hope
In my thoughts
And i....'