Romantic SMS

Romance is a beautiful part of human life which adds beauty to our life, romance reflects our feelings, emotions and love to our soul mate. Romance plays a vital role in a happy life for us, as romance shows how much you like your soul mate and how you feels about him/her.


Suppose of a time, i.e. you are away from your soul mate and you want to express your Feelings via love texts, a SMS full of Romantic Words or a Romantic poetry can do the thing in your favor. Like other categories, SMSPUNCH has enlisted a collection of Romantic SMS for you; enjoy the romantic movements using our site. 

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Not a single relation

'Not a single relation is perfect in this world
We fight each other, argue and ....'

Don’t ever ask again

'Don’t ever ask again to me about our relation
You are as important for me as ....'

My Love is so pure

'My Love is so pure that you can’t forget the time that we spent together
You w....'

I don’t care of any person

'I don’t care of any person who ignore me
But it kills me when you avoid me and....'

Insan ko Pagal Banane mein

'Aek Aurat Maan Ke Roop mein Mard ko Insan Banane mein 20 Saal Lagati hai
Aur W....'

December ki Sard Ratoon mein

'December ki Sard Ratoon mein Piyar tu Kar Liya Faraz
Ab Sochta hun ke Nahana K....'

Romance is like Telenor Talkshawk

'Romance is like Telenor Talkshawk
Marriage is like Warid, Reshaping life

Sacha Piyar Kabhi

'Sacha Piyar Kabhi Har Pal Qurbat Nahi Mangta
Jo Log Rooh Ke Qareeb Hon, Wo Khu....'

You made me laugh

'You are my husband. You made me laugh. Wiped my tears. Hugged me tight. Gave me....'

You know all about me

'You know all about me but still you love me, care me and accept me. You always ....'