Pathan SMS

Pathans are the brave people who resides across the world especially in Afghanistan and North-South of Pakistan, Pathans SMS Category include messages that are relating to their life style, their culture, funny messages, Pathan VS Sardar SMS etc. Pathan SMSs brings smile to face of readers. The messages are just for fun, amusement and not for hurting any person or group of person.

Pathan Manager Office

'Pathan Manager Office mein buhat Sad Sad tha
Sardar Secretary: O Khan Sahib, k....'

Manager employees ko lecture dete huwe

'Manager employees ko lecture dete huwe
Ager Saturday aur Sunday ko tum khush n....'

Pathan hired a spider

'Pathan hired a spider for the post of Designer:
Managing Director asked for th....'

Tumhen meri marzi ki larki

'Pathan apne bety ki Shadi Dunya ke Ammer Shakhs ki Beti se karna chahta tha

Pathan was feeling bore

'Pathan was feeling bore on Holiday
2nd Pathan: why are you feeling so bore?

Obama and Nawaz Sharif

'Obama and Nawaz Sharif were flying in Airplane
Obama to Nawaz:
If I will thre....'

Sardar Pathan Dost se

'Sardar Pathan Dost se:
Khan sahib mein har bar apne computer ka password bhool....'

A Pathan went to Photographer

'A Pathan went to Photographer
The Photographer got mad after the visit of Path....'

Teacher: Do mai sai do nikale tou kitnai

'Teacher: Do mai sai do nikale tou kitnai bachai?
Pathan :hum ko sawal samjh na....'

Lala: oye bakrai ke raan kidar hai?

'Lala: oye bakrai ke raan kidar hai?
Kasai: bakra langra tha
Lala: dil kahan h....'