Telenor Pakistan’s CFO Gets Replaced

by Admin (7560 views)Telenor Pakistan’s CFO Gets Replaced

 Telenor Pakistan has announced today to replace his CFO and the new Chief Financial Officer will be Espen Brettas Dahle. The previous CFO was Gabor Kocsis who was serving telenor since 2013. He has resigned from this position as he got new opportunities in another company.


In financial reporting of Q4 in 2014, he made mistake in report which later telenor corrected. But last week he identified his mistake, accepted it decided to resign from his current position. Espen Brettås Dahle is the new upcoming CFO of Telenor Pakistan and he will join the company as a Director in Telenor Group where he will manage projects within the area of mergers and acquisitions as well as financial services.


Espen Brettas has valuable experience in handling projects in Asia and he is expert in financial services and online classifieds. Brettås Dahle  did work as a financial analyst at Omnicom Media Group. At present, he is working in Alliance Venture as board of member. 


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