PTCL Inks Agreement with Akamai to Boost Broadband

by Admin (1270 views)PTCL Inks Agreement with Akamai to Boost Broadband

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited has made an agreement with Akamai to improve the broadband services for the customers.


The partnership is aiming to boost the broadband services and provide a convenient mode of communication. For this purpose, PTCL will use Akamai’s global distributed Intelligent Platform to deliver flawless video and mobile content.


Akamai is well known for its fast and secure broadband services which are compatible for all devices. The partnership will let the PTCL subscribers to enjoy high level and fast internet.  


According to the agreement, the PTCL will utilize its whole infrastructure including the optical fiber, PTCL exchanges and efforts to implement the Akamai Accelerated Networks Program (AANP). The partnership also involve hosting Akamai Solutions across PTCL infrastructure that is designed to optimize network operations and data handling which ultimately provide a better platform for video content delivery.


“We suppose this partnership with Akamai will enable us to deliver higher level of Internet for users and further unite PTCL’s leadership position in the broadband market.” said Kamal Ahmad the Chief Digital Services Officer of PTCL.


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