Naughty SMS

Naughty SMS Category stairs at providing funny and naughty messages for fun and amusement, Naughty SMS category includes Double Meaning SMS, Dirty SMS, however we tried our best to filter the messages from any abusing and harassing message, the sole purpose of such messages is only fun to not hurt anyone.

The marriage of Doctor should be like that

'The marriage of Doctor should be like that
Massage of Polyfax instead of fairn....'

With Pride in Eyes

'With Pride in Eyes
With enthusiastic in heart and full of energy
My friend if....'

Your brain is like Bermuda triangle

'Your brain is like Bermuda triangle the information goes in and is never found ....'

You are attractive

'A -----You are attractive
B -----you are beautiful
C ----you are caring
D --....'

The problem with people with

'The problem with people with closed mind is that their mouths are always open....'

Simple steps to make money

'Simple steps to make money from facebook account:
Deactivate your facebook acc....'

If I knew you were so poor

'Wife :if I knew you were so poor I would never have married you
Husband: but ....'

Tension is when

'Tension is when wife is pregnant!
Terror: When girlfriend is pregnant!

Let me kiss ur

'Let me kiss ur lips,
let me feel ur teeth,
let me feel ur tongue.

Height of Shock

'Height of Shock

Maalkin – kya hoa tum 3 din kaam pe nahi ayi ?

Kaam wali ....'