Miss You SMS

Miss You SMS Category includes memorial messages which indicate that you are missing any particular person, memorable movements, any particular event, or any other remarkable and memorable event in your life. The Category includes best written messages that impacts human feelings and emotions of missing memories and events. Hope you will enjoy this collection.

Miss you

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A Foolish Women makes

'A Foolish Women makes her Husband slave of his own will
And become a wife of a....'

No need to protest

'No need to protest against Martyred School Children
No Need of Grief of Kids ....'

What A Pakistani Expatriate Miss

'What A Pakistani Expatriate Miss on start of New Seasons
Oh my Homeland, Oh my....'

Oh My Dear, Valentine Is Near

'Oh My Dear, Valentine Is Near
I fear, what happened if I miss this Event
You ....'

It is not me who alter

'It is not me who alter his attitude to avoid friends
Actually when friends avo....'

I miss you

'I miss you, when I’ve to pay cafe bill from my own pocket. I miss you when no o....'

I’m a daughter of a martyred

'I’m a daughter of a martyred. My father made me orphan to safe the fathers of o....'

MoMo To Imran Khan

'MoMo To Imran Khan (IK):
I will give you that this year
IK: What that MoMo?

Deewar ka sahara ly kar utha houn

'Deewar ka sahara ly kar utha houn
Tery Ishq ne Meri Jawaani ka ye Haal kiya ha....'

Miss somebody exceptional

'I'm going to compose on all the blocks I Miss you,

Also I wish that every o....'