Love Day SMS

Love Day SMS category includes messages that reflects Love, Romance, Love Poetry, Love Songs, Love Making. The category includes various SMS messages to show your feelings and affections to your loved ones including your relatives, suppose, fiancé, friends and even to non-human beings like love to pets, love to materials like bikes, cars etc. the category include heart touching SMS messages collection written and chosen by professional writers team of SMSPUNCH. You can find translated Love Poetry of famous poets and from different cultures.

Miss you generally

'Hard to tell what adoring is similar to,
Difficult to tell what missing is sim....'

Affectionately touched

'GOD grabbed a blossom & plunged it in dew
Affectionately touched it which tur....'

My heart blasting

'Hard to breath
Has a feeling that skimming
So loaded with adoration
My he....'

So brimming with adoration

'Hard to breath
Has an inclination that gliding
So brimming with adoration ....'

Individual who surrenders

'An individual who surrenders when he isn't right is HONEST.

An individual w....'

Adoration trusts all things

'Adoration bears all things,

Adoration accepts all things,

Adoration tru....'

Fall in waterway

'In the event that you fall in waterway there is a vessel.
In the event that y....'

Be near somebody

'Be near somebody, who makes you glad,

However, be closer to somebody who ca....'

The individual who adores u

'The individual who adores u really will inconvenience u more.

Be that as it....'

A group of roses

'If at any time I sent U a group of roses,

I will put 1 fake plastic rose in....'