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Jokes provides amusement and works as therapy for those who are tired and feeling bore. Jokes are one of the reasons for increasing trend of sending and sharing SMS messages on Mobile devices. Normally Jokes include a funny message staring on a particular situation without hurting any person, group of person or crowd of people.

Laughing at Jokes

The sole purpose of Jokes is fun and amusement. SMSPUNCH has maintained a section for latest Jokes, this section is a hot favorite section for our visitors, as they love our unique and punching jokes.

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Altaf Hussain and Misbah

'Altaf bhai said:
Misbah’s decision .. (5 mint gap) to make come back .. (8 min....'

If the first button

'If the first button in a shirt is not in right position
Then every button’s po....'

After gifting Plot to Afridi

'After gifting Plot to Afridi in Bahria Karachi
Malik Riaz has also announced t....'

increasing Crime Rates

'Interior Minister report to PML-N about increasing Crime Rates
Finance Ministe....'

O Khocha tumhara Biwi

'Pathan to Sardar: O Khocha tumhara Biwi aur tum aek he Hospital mein Job Karte ....'

An old women was seating

'An old women was seating in Cinema with a bottle in her hand
He put that bottl....'

A man applied

'A man applied in a firm for so many posts, but the firm every time replied to h....'

Sardar with his Girl Friend

'Sardar with his Girl Friend reached his home as usual
A little girl opened the....'

Sardar G to Facebook CSR

'Sardar G to Facebook Customer Care Center Representative:
Mein Facebook Per Se....'

A British Man Fall in Love

'A British Man Fall in Love with Black African Girl
He Went to Africa to Meet H....'