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Tthe person will enter in Heaven

'Hazarat Usman R.A said that:
Muhammad PBUH said that, the person will enter in....'

Do you have desire

'Do you have desire to find a trustworthy and reliable love? Go and hug your mot....'

Don’t think Allah

'Don’t think Allah is not listening your prayers if you aren’t getting his respo....'

Spend your best time

'Spend your best time in prayer because at doomsday your all-good deeds would be....'

Allah is the only who gives

'Don’t expect return from one to whom you did good
As Allah is the only who giv....'

The tears that come

'The tears that come from the fear of Allah
Wash ones inside and make man purif....'

Trusting Allah won't make

'Trusting Allah won't make

Slopes littler,

In any case will make Climbin....'

Nahin Mohtaaj ma dunya ka ik tere siwa

'Nahin Mohtaaj main dunya ka ik tere siwa, “Ya Rab”, mere sajdy kabool kar ly me....'

If you want physical relationship

'If you want physical relationship with your lover, then find a place where Alla....'

The one he who satisfied with

'The one he who satisfied with that which Allah Almighty has blessed him will ne....'