Holi SMS

Holi is a spiritual event celebrated especially by Indian People, the event is celebrated in Spring season and also known as festival of colors, no non-Hindu people has also started celebrate this event relating to South Asia and some other regions. The festival is a sign of love and frolic. On Holi Day, People gathered, Sing, Dance, and color each other and start water fight in streets to enjoy the festival. SMSPUNCH has a variety of Holi Day SMS, the section includes Unique Holi Day SMS which reflects happiness, joy, and captures beautiful picture of colors and Spring Season.

Play it with only your friends Holi 2014

'Play it with only your friends and family; and use any damn thing in the world ....'

On this day

'On this day,
let D color shower love
which dewells in our hrts
let sing toge....'

Blue is song Yellow is music Green is dance

'Blue is song,
Yellow is music,
Green is dance,
Red is beauty,
White is love....'

Auspicious red Sunkissed gold

'Auspicious red.
Sunkissed gold.
Soothing silver.
Pretty purple.
Blissful bl....'

Bright colors water balloons

'Bright colors,
water balloons,
lavish gujiyas and melodious songs
are the in....'

If wishes come in rainbow colors

'If wishes come in rainbow colors
then I would send
the brightest one to say

May God bless you with all - Holi SMS

'May God bless you with all the beautiful colours of life:

Pink for Love and ....'

a soft sms is just enough to express

'A true and caring relation doesn't have to speak loud, a soft sms is just enoug....'

Some crave for sweets Holi SMS

'Some crave for sweets, others cry or laugh;
Let's heighten the revelry, de-str....'

Red symbolizes action

'The colour:
Red symbolizes action, confidence, courage and vitality;
Green sy....'