Good Night SMS

Good Night SMS is a good tonic for such persons as a SMS containing the Good Night greetings can make him/her very relax and the receiver can feel very relax after receiving the Good Night SMS in urdu from you. The message can be about just Good Night SMS quotes, any famous saying or quote, any romantic piece of poetry with saying bye to present day or any else purpose, the Good Night SMS can let the receiver feel relax and easy. has a large collection of Good Night SMS that you can use to send it to your loved ones. Keep enjoying the smspunch good night sms collection.

Good Night

After passing all the day full of various tasks and stressful hard work, you need to take the rest and feel comfort. This is the cycle of daily life to get up early in the morning and ready to achieve your task(s) and return to home in evening or at night and go to bed for rest.

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Tum ko Jab Bojh Lage

'Tum ko Jab Bojh Lage tu btla dena
Hum Chup Chap Mubbhat se Mukkar Jaen gaen

Papu’s Father to Papu

'Papu’s Father to Papu: Why you Dream all night so long?
Papu Replied: Because ....'

Giving grief to a person

'Giving grief to a person is as easy as threw a stone in ocean
However no one t....'

Admi magar insan na huwa

'Admi magar insan na huwa
Akhrat ka saman na huwa
Kar raha hai toba ki ummed p....'

Sun is Down

'Sun is Down
Moon is posing soft lights
Wind has stop blowing
Ocean is as Sil....'

Night is the time

'Night is the time to clean bold all worries
And seek forgiveness of all your ....'

I am feeling very different

'I am feeling very different after you departure
Now Happiness and Grief doesn’....'

Don’t lose hope

'Don’t lose hope, keep continue your struggle. The night is the best confirmatio....'

Night is a blessing of Allah

'Night is a blessing of Allah Almighty that daily blessed you a calmness sleep. ....'

Oh My Dear Time has come to say

'Oh My Dear
Time has come to say
Good Night N Sleep Tight
I Will come in your....'