Golden Words SMS

Golden Words SMS Category stairs on famous sayings and quotes of historical and famous personalities, the main aim of this category is to enlighten the sayings of famous people who have are a piece of inspiration for others like Hazrat Muhammad PBUH, Dalai Lama, Abraham Lincoln, Arastoo and others. Golden Words SMS inspires people and creates motivational thoughts and character buildings as well.

Golden Words for Day

'Golden Words for Day
Try to bear and forgive others as you also seek forgivene....'

Apologizing does not always

'Apologizing does not always mean you are wrong and the other person is right , ....'

Yes I am strong, intelligent

'Yes I am strong, intelligent, notorious, generous, loving and enlightened. Yes ....'

Start everyday a fresh

'Start everyday a fresh, don’t start your day with broken pieces of past.....'

Sometimes you just need to rediscover

'Sometimes you just need to rediscover yourself, go outside breath in fresh air,....'

Oscar wilde says “every saint has a

'Oscar wilde says “ every saint has a past and every sinner has a future” so don....'

Nothing splendid has ever been

'Nothing splendid has ever been
achieved except by those who
dared believe tha....'

Sometime your existence

'Sometime your existence gives
hope to people,

Your smile may be a

If Someone PointOut

'"If Someone PointOut Ur Mistake,
Be Happy
And Think That Atleast SomeOne Is T....'

In one minute you can

'In one minute you can
change your "ATTITUDE"
In that minute you can ....'