Get Free and Unlimited Mobitunes from Official Mobitunes App

by Admin (5348 views)Get Free and Unlimited Mobitunes from Official Mobitunes App

Mobilink has declared a short time promotional offer to celebrate the launch of its Mobitunes Mobile Application; the first of its kind plan in the industry.  This promotional offer allows subscribers to download the Mobitunes of their choice through the Mobitunes App – completely free of cost.


The Mobitunes Mobile App was recently released on all versions of Android smartphones and allows subscribers to search, download, access and listen to a database consisting of over 150,000 Mobitunes.  Mobitunes, a popular value added service of Mobilink, allows subscribers to greet incoming callers with the tune of their choice instead of the conventional ringing tone.


The mobile application allows customers to first listen to each Mobitune from the vast Mobitunes database which is categorized under Bollywood, Pakistani, Hollywood, and religious genres. Whenever the subscriber feels like downloading a particular Mobitune, the app shall allow them free download instead of the previous standard charge of PKR 9.55. Through this promotional offer, subscribers are allowed unlimited, free downloads for a limited time.  Only standard data charges for the use of the Mobitunes App shall apply.


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