General Knowledge Qs

General Knowledge shows that how much you are interested and up to date about any specific knowledge. It shows intelligence of a person and that up to what extent he/she knows about world. General Knowledge Qs SMS Category offers a variety of SMS Messages that update readers with General Knowledge of almost every domain, consider an example of this Category, “'Black flag signifies protest and white flag signifies peace, red flag is a signal of battle, blue signifies valor and vigilance.” This SMS educate people about the meaning of Flags on various occasions, SMSPUNCH keeps an eye on current affairs, and tries to update this category with latest General Knowledge of every domain it can. This category indicates our approach to provide an entertaining, and educational environment to its visitors.

Scientist hasn’t yet known why we sleep

'Scientist hasn’t yet known why we sleep. The only reason they give is that we f....'

The Britishers love tea

'The Britishers love tea, all British tanks since 1945 are coming up within buil....'

Black flag signifies protest

'Black flag signifies protest and white flag signifies peace, red flag is a sign....'

2014 football tournament is being

'2014 football tournament is being held at brazil whereas the first fifa world c....'

World’s largest railway station

'World’s largest railway station is at grand central terminal, park avenue ,New ....'

Drug addiction is a state

'Drug addiction is a state of periodic and chronic intoxication detrimental to t....'


Fill in the blank zara
is the daughter of Akram.

Mario was an Italian landlord

'Mario was an Italian landlord for Miyamoto when he chose to give Nintendo’s ico....'

There are blind computer programmers

'There are blind computer programmers one of which is T.V. Raman who works for G....'

Apple's third co-founder

'Apple's third co-founder sold his share in the company for $2,400 in 1976 and h....'