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Altaf Hussain Blamed ISI

'Altaf Hussain Blamed ISI, Rangers and Establishment for reversing Misbah’s reti....'

Ooyyyeeee Misbah

'Imran Khan view on Misbah’s U Turn on retirement
Ooyyyeeee Misbah: yaad rakna....'

Misbah returned to Pakistan

'Misbah returned to Pakistan Cricket Team
In his interview: Misbah revealed tha....'

Pathan Hospital mein

'Pathan Hospital mein Apne Bachon ke Name Bhool gaya
Doctor: O Khan Sahib

Elder brother is a special case

'Elder brother is a special case. He teases his sister for his own enjoyment but....'

Which type of misunderstanding?

'Wife to husband: (with anger) you were cursing me, when you were sleeping.

Few Monkeys came rushing

'The previous evening a few Monkeys came rushing to my room,

They needed to i....'

Ajay Jadeja aur Navjot Sidhu

'Ajay Jadeja aur Navjot Sidhu aapas mein purani Yaden Taza karte hue
Jadeja: Ya....'

Famous Cricketers Strategy during Match

'Famous Cricketers Strategy during Match:
Afridi: Do or Die
Umar Akmal: Do Bef....'

Something Sweet

'Something Sweet:-

Young lady what is the evidence that u miss me!

Kid S....'