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Best Friends

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True friends always

'True friends always remain with us
We can’t ignore them in any case
If we can....'

you are leaving me silently

'Friend: you are leaving me silently
You are closing all doors, all connections....'

I Know that I have so many faults

'I Know that I have so many faults
But to whom I love, I love with my hearts an....'

My Dear Friend

'My Dear Friend, I have noticed that you are active on Facebook with your Profil....'

Aashiq tu Marte hain

'Aashiq tu Marte hain ik dusry ke lye
Humen Jeena Sikhaya Apne aron ne
Kar sak....'

A new horrifying style

'A new horrifying style to get attention of Friend
Going for sleep in a colder ....'

A Friend is a Person

'A Friend is a Person
Who Can Find the Reason of Smile on Your Face
Who Can Ge....'

Reality of Friendship

'Reality of Friendship between Boys
A 5 year old friend made 5 calls to other

I wish you a Prosperous

'I wish you a Prosperous and Joyful Life
My Friend. I Wish Allah Make you Every....'

You’re my best friend.

'You’re my best friend. You always walk in when all others walk out. You encoura....'