Flirty SMS

Flirty SMS Category includes Social, Love and Romantic SMs Messages Collection, this category reflects the behavior of various situations including love, romantic feelings about any person, either with serious intention or to just making fool or with any other agenda, i.e. people make fun of others by flirting on April Fool Day by acting personally or by sending April Fool SMS. Some people flirt playfully for the cause of amusement. Flirty SMS Category at SMSPUNCH covers all such situations keeping in view different situations and cultures.

Mein Bhi Kabhi Katrina

'Mein Bhi Kabhi Katrina ki Tarhan Haseen O Jameel Thi
Lekin aaj mujhe Koi Pocht....'

A couple decided to date

'A couple decided to date after conversation on facebook
When girl meet boy, sh....'

Every Aashiq continues

'Every Aashiq continues to do Aashqui
Till he replied by a Zor Dar Thappar
Or ....'

A Lady was travelling in train

'A Lady was travelling in train from Karachi to Lahore reading a Book named “Per....'

Albert was sad and drinking wine a lot

'Albert was sad and drinking wine a lot
Friend: why are you so sad like that?......'

Love Happens Automatically

'Love Happens Automatically.
Manual Working Of It
Is Called Flirting ....'

One heart that would always

'Today, tommorow and yesterday there will be …
one heart that would always beat....'

Girls Should Agree With This.....:P

'Girls Should Agree With This.....:P
BoyFriend Jaisa Bhi Ho,,
Awara ....'

You are sweeter than my wife

'A man while making love to his maid,
exclaimed 'Martha you are sweeter than my....'


'Boy 2 girl:
I luv u
i m engaged vd someone n i hv a boyfrnd too!