FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

SMS Punch endeavors to revolutionize the very concept of sending SMS - from a PAID service to a FREE service. You can now send free SMS messages, 500 characters long, within Pakistan to all your near and dear.

How to Register?
Click here to register. On successful registration, you shall receive a "password" on your mobile (with which you have registered). Using this "password" and the registered " username", you can logon to www.SMS Punch.com and start sending FREE SMS.

How does SMS Punch work?
SMS Punch allows YOU to send Free SMS up to 500 characters long. Advertisers are allowed to append a contextual advertisement to your SMS, making up the rest of the 500 characters.

What do you mean by Contextual Advertisement?
Based on the recipient's location, the time of the SMS sent and the text of your SMS message, SMS Punch delivers the most relevant advertisement.

you read my personal messages before appending the contextual advertisement?
Delivering contextual advertisements and related links is the key to provide YOU this FREE service. SMS Punch stores and processes your SMS messages. This is a completely automated process with ABSOLUTELY no human intervention.

How SMS Punch is different from other Free SMS service providers?
Although there are free web-based or instant messaging SMS providers - some allow free messaging but the message is received in the form of a link and you are charged a premium rate for clicking on the link while some others allow you to send only limited number of free SMS (3-4 messages per user) - BUT, SMS Punch enables YOU to send UNLIMITTED messages a day subject to fair use policy up to 500 characters long, to any mobile user within Pakistan, without any riders.

Does this classify as spam?
NO, Spam is a totally uninvited message urging the recipient to avail of some service . But here, the advertisement is part of a personal message which the recipient receives and hence is not a totally uninvited message. Also, YOU have specifically opted-in to use this FREE service to send SMS to the recipient. This is very similar to how the web-based free email service providers operate.

How many SMS can I send?
You can send UNLIMITED SMS.

Will you display my mobile number or name in the recipient's mobile when they receive my SMS?
Due to PTA (Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, Pakistan) restrictions we cannot display your mobile number as sender number in receiver's mobile. The message will be displayed as being received from SMS Punch.com. The message will start with your NAME, so that receiver can identify who is the sender.

forgot my password, how do I retrieve it?
Click on the 'Forgot Password' link appearing on the top right corner of website (below the login section) and enter your "username". The password shall be sent to your mobilenumber, as recorded in your profile.

Can I change my Mobile Number and/or E-mail Id after registration?
Yes, you can change your Mobile Number as well as your E-mail Id after registration by accessing your "Update Profile" tab after logging in. "Username" is the only field you cannot change. We maintain a record of all the changes you have made in your profile.