Dosti SMS

Dosti is a desi word which belongs to South-Asian, i.e. Pakistan or Indian. Dosti SMS indicates Friendship SMS. This category has all stuff which you want to send to your Friends (Dost), the messages are for all types of friends without any gender discrimination, this category has special weight for both boys and girls. You can send any Motivational SMS, Wishes, Friendship, Good Luck SMS, or any other SMS that will energize your friendship.

As long as there is sun in

'As long as there is sun in the sky
As long as the birds can sing and fly
So l....'

My friend you are my drug

'My friend you are my drug, you soothe me and take away my worries like they do.....'

I remember the day I fell and

'I remember the day I fell and you came beside me and pull me up. That’s the day....'

Our friendship is dazzling like

'Our friendship is dazzling like summer sunshine, pure like winter snow, strong ....'

Wish we could do all the stuff once

'Missing the fights,
Missing the gossip,
Missing the fun we had together,

Dosti may khud ko juka

'Dosti may khud ko juka dena koi ayib nahi


Chamakta sooraj bhi ....'

Wo yaad nahi karte

'Wo yaad nahi karte,
hum bhula nahi sakte,
wo hasa nahi sakte,
hum rula nahi ....'

The Privilege Of Friendship

'The Privilege Of Friendship Is That
We Can Talk Nonsense
All The Time,
And T....'

Phir kahan Hisaab

'Phir kahan Hisaab Rehta Hai..
Ishq Jab Be Hisaab Ho Jaye.......'

Dosti Agr Buri Ho

''Dosti Agr Buri Ho
To Usse Hone Mat 2
Dosti Agr Achi Ho
To Use Khone Mat ....'