Birthday SMS

Messages are the common way to deliver what you want to say to someone or a group of person. If the message is relating to some special occasion, like Happy Birthday SMS or Anniversary SMS etc, then you indeed would be looking for some really special and unique SMS that will attract the conveyors and he/she will be very thankful to you for such greeting message.

Happy Birthday

Birthday is the remarkable event for everyone in the life and everyone is looking for greetings on that day. Greeting yours relative, friend, class mate, and colleague or business partner has a great value and brings you more closely and increase the frankness between your relations as well. is providing the Birthday SMS to its subscribers, regular readers or to the guest who visit our site. Enjoy the Happy Birthday Wishes on our site.

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Kuch Khas Nahhi Bas

'Kuch Khas Nahhi Bas Itni si Mubhat hai meri
Har Raat ka Akhri Khiyal Har Subba....'

Happy Birthday to Quaid-e-Azam

'Ager Quaid-e-Azam 25 December se Pehly Duniya mein aw jate
Tu Pakistan 14 Augu....'

A new way to wish Birthday

'A new way to wish Birthday
Get up to celebrate the day which means a lot to me....'

Tumhare Janam Din Per

'Tumhare Janam Din Per Badal Khob Barsa Ho Ga
Lekin Darasal Ya Barish Hargiz Na....'

Exact 25 years ago

'Exact 25 years ago, a baby boy was born, everyone was very happy especially gra....'

A new year is ahead

'A new year is ahead, new hopes and new opportunities are looking for your. May ....'

Time has come to join

'Time has come to join
And joy the movement that gave us the person to whom
I ....'

Get Up with Shining Smile

'Get Up with Shining Smile on your face
Enjoy our Your life in its full
Start ....'

On This extraordinary Day

'On This extraordinary Day,

A Star Of immaculate Love Appeared 2 be My Gift ....'

Your birthday is best day

'Your birthday is best day of world for me
I love your innocence and hope
One ....'