April fool SMS

As all we know that April Fool is celebrated annually on first day of April Month, the day has a special weight in Europe, Australia, Brazil and USA, however April Fool Day is not a National Day in any country on Planet Earth. On April Fool Day, People try t play Practical Jokes and Hoaxes on each other, the victims of those Jokes are known as April Fools. SMSPUNCH has a large collection of April Fool SMS, you can get these messages from our site. Enjoy these April Fool SMS, but be aware of any prank, to make you fool on this April Fool Day.

No more than an April Fool

'Misbah said in his press conference that his retirement was no more than an Apr....'

How sweet is you

'How sweet is you
So sweet is your smile
How sweet is your style
So sweet is ....'

Did you ever seen

'Let’s have a coffee of Cup in Taj Hotel
Sender: Katrina Kaif....'

Altaf Hussain ne Shireen Mazari

'Altaf Hussain ne Shireen Mazari ko Dancing Queen Ka Khitab de dala
Shireen Maz....'

Nojawno ka hai kehna

'Awne se us ke awe dharna
Jane se us ke awe tabdeli
Nojawno ka hai kehna

Bichren hain jab se

'Dill mein shidat-e-gum
Aur ankhoon mein ek name se rehti hai
Bichren hain jab....'

To: Whom it may concern

'To: Whom it may concern
Subject: Open it after 12:00 AM midnight

O My Loving Fool

'O My Loving Fool
I have sent you the most important message of April
I have m....'

I want to enjoy

'Anushka Sharma traveled thousands of miles to see the performance of his hero V....'

Oh my dear butiFool Phrend

'Oh my dear butiFool Phrend
U r wonderFool
I know your....'