Advice SMS

Advice is something that include personal or institutional opinions, belief, norm values, and recommendations which we get from others or give to others on a certain opinion, situation. Some people follow the act or advice of others including their elder blood relatives, famous people or some other inspiring personalities. Advice plays a vital role in character building and to polish the life style of a person, group, and even entire nation, like sayings of Quaid-e-Azam and Iqbal have a standard for the people of Pakistan, each nation has various personalities and they follow hum/her in their traditions and daily life routine. SMSPUNCH (Pakistan SMS Web Portal) has a vast range of quality advices for its users, they can access this unique, inspirational, and motivational advices fro, any part of world. One can visit Advice SMS category on SMSPUNCH to get updates or to read previous advices enlisted on site. Just click or tap on that category, and get valuable Advice SMS without any cost.

I Know I am not a

'I Know I am not a perfect one and may have many faults, however
Before Pointin....'

Possible battle Life

'World is so little it is not possible battle
Life is so little it is not poss....'

Lifetime may be unimportant

'Life went through with somebody for a lifetime may be unimportant,
However a ....'

Somebody who truly

'Life went through with somebody for a lifetime may be futile,

Yet a couple ....'

Fall in kinship

'By what method can u advise the downpour not to fall when mists exist,

By w....'

Conquer every single slope

'Tackle existence with all your aptitudes

Conquer every single slope

On ....'

Life is short

'Life is short,

So appreciate each minute,

Don't lose your certainty,

There are two things in life

'There are two things in life,

That is more terrible than death,

One is ....'

It harms when you lose

'The most exceedingly bad thing in life is "Connection”,

It harms when you l....'

Honest things can make u cheerful

'Candid music can make u sing,

Frank embrace can bring about a noticeable im....'