PTA chairman decided to block mobile services on 23 March

by Admin (1278 views)PTA chairman decided to block mobile services on 23 March

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has announced that to block all telecom services on 23rd March because of security measures. The blockage of services is limited only to Islamabad where joint military parade is going to held after 7 year of gap.

Chairman PTA Dr. Ismail Shah told the media that the reason behind the suspension of the services is security risk and threats. To ensure the fool proof security we are just supposed to implant the orders to suspend the services.   

Government is first time going to suspend the mobile services in the following year. The previous government blocked the mobile services many times on Eid and other special occasions. The decision was taken to prevent the any unexpected situation.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority blocked several SIMs under the action of National Action Plan so the militants can’t use cellular services for their terrorist plans. However, Chairman PTA has also said that the biometric verification of system is not the ultimate solution. 


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